It is hard to know what it feels like to be a woman alone on the street. I see men walking with confidence, knowing that they can handle any physical threat that comes their way. Some women are more uncertain when it comes to standing against an attack, but I do not think they should only rely on pepper sprays and rape whistles. Studies carried out by the University of Oregon in 2021 have shown that women who are trained in self-defense are 50-60% less likely to be raped or attacked on the street.

Learning a few simple defense hacks will help many women stay safe. It will also make them more aware of their surroundings and confident when they are out of the home.

Dress Appropriately

I do not mean to be sexist or to judge how women dress, but if they are planning to walk alone in the street, especially at night, they should think of what they wear. In situations like these, wear clothing and shoes that allow you to run. Avoid tight-fitting clothes that will prevent you from moving freely. One way to avoid confrontations is the ability to run away from a threat, so heels and short skirts might not be the best solution to this. 

Fight Back

If emergency toolkits do not work as expected, be prepared to fight back. When your safety is on the line, there is no time to think about whether punching is a good idea or not – you just have to do it. If the attacker gets too close to you, try to grab their shoulders, or use your strength to hit them in sensitive areas such as the groin, eyes, and shin. To be prepared for situations like these, taking a self-defense training course will prove incredibly useful.  

Know The Body’s Weak Spots 

It is very important to know where to strike the enemy. Always remember the five weak spots: nose, eyes, groin, knees, and neck. If the attack is frontal, a groin kick should be enough to make you escape. Alternatively, you can extend your dominant leg and kick forcefully, between the lower shin of your foot and the groin area. Whatever move you do, make sure you are in a stable position without the risk of falling over.

Elbow Strike

If your attacker is very close and there is no space for you to kick or throw a punch, your elbow will be of great help. Simply bend your arm and shift your whole weight forward, striking the attacker by the chin, neck, or jawline. Doing so may stop them from tightening their grip, giving you the chance to run.

Walk With Confidence

I cannot stress this enough: confidence is key. As you walk, always show that you are aware of your surroundings. Women who seem distracted are easier prey. Instead, an assertive look will hardly ever start an assault. To be on the safe side, always have your body ready to attack by keeping your hands close to your chest.

In conclusion, despite the various safety advice, some women may not feel comfortable enough to handle an attacker physically. Nevertheless, they should always be cautious. Walking in crowded areas is better than turning to isolated blocks. Having a toolkit in the bag, whether a safety alarm, lipstick taser, or pepper spray, is always advised. Blunt objects are also effective to throw, hit or stab any attacker.

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